Pounds of Trash Cleared from Parks and Shared Spaces


People Helped Off the Streets

What We Do
Dexter and Mercer

We Heart Seattle is an action-based, boots-on-the-ground movement that organizes trash cleanups in our public spaces and offers resources to those in need. We recently reached significant milestones – 1,000,000+ pounds of trash removed from the city’s parks and public spaces and 190+ individuals helped off the streets. That’s more than 500 tons of trash along with more than 20,000 needles removed!

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Why It Matters
MacLean Park

Thousands of people are fighting to survive outside often in cold, wet weather at a time when thousands of clean, warm, and hygienic indoor spaces are available in King County. Tragically, many people suffering in unhealthy, unsanitary conditions are dying. We Heart Seattle’s proven model of trash removal and individualized outreach, coupled with community engagement, has resulted in the restoration and maintenance of 30 parks across the city. 

Get Involved
Dr. Jose Rizal Park

All of these accomplishments are thanks to our 900+ registered volunteers and dedicated second-chance work team. None of this would be possible without our generous donors and tireless volunteers. Together we are reinventing how to approach longstanding and seemingly insurmountable problems while disrupting the inertia that has long gripped our city.  Join us!

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Everyone is Welcome

Everyone is welcome here in what is a nonpartisan, constructive and positive coalition producing change Seattle desperately needs. Together we will cultivate a sense of community pride and ownership.